For Customers

There are two major customer options and you get to choose!

1. Keep Full
    We put you on a route and we check your tank for you and keep it full. You shouldn’t have to worry about running out unless there has been a significant change in your usage of propane. If you do run out, we come out and fill it and perform a gas check at no extra charge. Your account must always be paid in full or your budget payments must be current and on-time. This is a NO-WORRY option for many!

Will Call
    This option allows you to be the one to check your tank and call us when you need a fill.  If you call early enough-(when you have 30% left in your tank) then that gives us enough time to schedule your delivery. You must allow up to two weeks delivery time from the time you call.   There are possible extra charges for Will Call customers.

For more information about your account, or to become a Bair Propane customer, please call us at 620-438-2850.